CS3216 Signing Out

It’s been a wild ride with CS3216 this semester, and the rumors were not lying – it really was the toughest module I’ve experienced in terms of time and commitment in my candidature in NUS, and it really took up all my time this semester (bye CAP, friends, social life, etc …) But I guess the safest place to experience such things is in school when I can still afford to make mistakes, and I’m really thankful for this chance!


Looking back, as mentioned in my first blog post, I set out to
1. Learn how to work with different groups of people, from other developers, to marketing and UI design team members, on fast moving projects.
2. To be individually be well-versed with current front facing technology
3. Make applications with a focus on understanding and applying key UI/UX design principles
4. Be better able to manage my time and projects
With regard to working with different groups of people, I’ve definitely experienced the full range of people, from the more “siao on”, to the more “chillax”, and everything in between. I guess my one key takeaway from working with different groups of people is the importance of proper project management, and for people to keep on task with what we have promised to set out on together as a group, and the importance of an open feedback loop in the case whereby people are unable to keep up with the pace of the project. As a project is largely dependent on the people who work on it, it’s extremely important for one of the developers (if the team are full of developers) to take a step back and ensure that this is carried out properly, and manage the different parts of the project, especially in a fast moving software project that is required to iterate fast.
For the second and third point, I’ve definitely become more technically skilled in terms of working on new projects, having had picked up Design, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and even react within this time-frame, while contributing to my group’s project. However, having picked up these things, I now know how much is there to learn, not only within these technologies, but also with respect to the entire eco-system of technologies available for people to use. As such, I’ve become more determined to apply the same concepts learnt in CS3216, to learn and apply new concepts fast, and never stop learning.
Finally, even before I embarked on CS3216, I already knew how much it would require from me, someone without a proper web background, to catch up with my peers, to make sure that I “chiong” to the same level as them, and be a useful, contributing member of whichever group I belong to. Having had put in my utmost in every project I’ve been in, I would say that I have neglected the rest of my studies / friends / life, and through this, I feel that no matter how much you have to do, one should never completely neglect the other aspects of their lives. As with all things, there needs to be a balance between what you’re “chionging” for and the rest of life, and through CS3216, I’ve unfortunately skewed this balance towards CS3216. Life will never get easier, deadlines and tasks and what each person tries to achieve will never get any less strenuous. I feel that managing time and projects (and life in general) is about finding the right balance between all of them, and I’m on a journey to find that balance!
Well, that’s a lot more than “just” an SE mod right? Haha, I guess in life, for everything that happens to an individual it’s really about what the individual wants to take out of it, and for me, I’m thankful to have set certain goals, figured out some things along the way, and learnt a bunch of cool things. Just a shoutout to everyone in the class, from my group mates to the TAs, and Prof Colin, I’m really thankful that I was given a chance to join this class, and although I (might not) do it again, I definitely don’t regret taking up this challenge.
Kai Yi, out, till my next adventure! 🙂

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