Week 11 – Launch!!!

Finally, after weeks of toiling, we have finally launched!!!! YAYYY

Well, Launching is always only the first step, as now comes the other side to launching – user reviews, iterating, putting in new features, etc… The crunch time never stops for software that aims to be the best!

Eugene has kind of been taking care of the marketing (and I’ve been helping out here and there in NOC events), so there’s not much on that front to start, we just have to continue on how we have been driving our advertising campaigns, etc.

Apart from marketing and getting new users, another major consideration we have on the road map, is how we plan to market / get users for steps. Of course, there are traditional ways we can market our application, but we can always afford to come up with more innovative ways (like how Prof Colin mentioned regarding dressing up, etc), or making steps an exchange student networking portal? The possibilities are endless, and you will just have to see during steps what we come up with 🙂


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