Week 7 – Dealing with (life consuming) projects

Like all CS3216 students, I’m pretty sure everyone is pretty shagged out at this point endlessly building stuff, coding most of their days away. I personally spend all of my time and energy on CS3216 (and maybe a bit of the remainder on school work). I always feel I have a lot to learn and pick up from my team mates, end spend most of my time picking new and better ways of doing things from them. However, spending so much time and effort into 1 class (I have not given so much time and effort into a class before xD), kinda sometimes makes you stop for a while and think, what are you doing, why are you doing this, what are you giving up?

I mean this kind of goes beyond the scope of this class, as this could easily not be CS3216, but maybe even your future career or job. I am pretty sure that all / most of my class mates will be building cool stuff in this related field in the future, putting in their 110% in terms of time and effort into their pursuits. At the end of the day, you want to have something out of it, something to look forward to, so that you know that whatever you put in, it’s worth it. People find different kinds of answers to this question, some do it for money, some for passion, and some even not at all. So what, then, works for me?
I mean I won’t lie, I like the money, the “honor”, the recognition, and I’ll do it for that easily. But i think one thing that can possibly pick people up at their lowest, is the thought that whatever they do will have a positive, lasting impact on their communities, even beyond themselves. Money, recognition, honor, etc, could keep you happy on a day to day basis, but the knowledge that you have benefiting a certain community can keep not only yourself going, but your project, and even your organization. Well, money, honor, and recognition could do all those too, but I guess at the end of the day, it’s really what you want with your life, and what are your life priorities.
Also, I feel that as with everything in life, there has to be a balance. To do something worthwhile, to produce that product, sacrifice is required, you have to give up somethings in life to get something else. I guess all of us are pretty alright dealing with these projects now, even knowing full well the opportunity costs, but for how long more will these opportunity costs be lesser than the benefits? When what you are putting in your whole life to build does not turn out well, how would you then deal with it?
 I mean that’s just my take on this. I may be thinking too much about this, or this might be beyond the scope of what we should blog, but that’s how I’m feeling strongly about now, and I guess that’s what a blog is about? Just some musings about how people deal with this stress, and how a person should choose to lead his life.

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