Week 3 – CS3216 & Life

I’m taking a bigger step back during this post, and taking a look at this class, entrepreneurship, and how  people choose to lead their lives in general. Philosophical much?

Entrepreneurship and startups have been closely linked to coding and software these days. To me, this is based on both the ubiquity of software in everyday life, and also the speed at which software can be prototyped into something that meets a real need. Anyone looking to go into startups and making a difference now-a-days are expected to either be able to code, or know people who can code. How we nurture ideas in CS3216 from ideation to a fully functioning prototype is akin to a startup cycle on steroids, hence I can see why students value the projects that they work on in this class.

Extending this idea, budding entrepreneurs (like myself) would definitely value this platform given to them to test-bed their ideas. With the time constraints of the class in place, it is hard for ideas to develop to their full potential, forcing people to focus on what is really necessary in an idea.

Even if nothing else, this class has been good practice for myself in negotiating between implementing core features of an idea, distilling out the really important parts of an idea, and marrying those with the product life cycle, from start till end. And I guess, even entrepreneurs out there now are facing these same issues. Well, better to try and practice this in a school environment, than when facing real life scenarios in the future!

cr: freepik, flaticon

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