CS3216 Week 2 -Ideation and MVP

My group and I were going hard at getting our mid term Facebook project submission right, and managed to submit it last Friday night just before the deadline. We were wholly focused with producing a minimum viable product, and iterate onward from there.

However, one thing I learnt on hindsight, is the important of bringing everyone on the same page as you, and communicating ideas across to your team mates effectively. As the project manager of my group, it was my responsibility to ensure all members of the group are on the same page. In our bid to submit our mid term Facebook project submission MVP, we did not iterate in a direction closer to our final product, which put much more stress in our final iteration to produce our final project. As the project manager, I could have done more to ensure that the team looks more at the final product with the same shared vision, than merely at the next iteration, and this is something I will definitely improve in.

A timely reminder of this came in the form of the lecture that we had on ideation on Monday, about how individuals could communicate ideas more effectively through a variety of means like user narratives and paper prototypes, and I think effective use of these tools would help to make communication of the vision of the final outcome easier.

photo cr: designed by Freepik from Flaticon

2 thoughts on “CS3216 Week 2 -Ideation and MVP

    • On hindsight, I could have made sure that the team looked beyond the first iteration (even though that might have been quite an important consideration at that point of time) and aim toward the final iteration, sacrificing some features in the first iteration. I feel that elements of Christopher’s talk could have been applicable to my group’s situation too, of having everyone in the group drawing a use case scenario and finalizing use case scenarios together to ensure everyone is one the same page! Moving forward on the next iteration, this is something we will aim toward


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