CS3216 Week 1 – Bugs in tools

Entering our first project of the semester, all of us were pretty hyped up over the ideas we were bouncing around. I was personally pretty excited at the prospect of using the Facebook API as I felt that it was a good platform to implement applications that connect people, and if implemented well, the applications that do this in a novel way could have a huge impact to solve real pains in the world.

However, one thing that none of us could account for during the planning stage (and I’m pretty sure many of our friends / class mates faced this problem too) is the fact that Facebook severely limits how much information you can get from API calls to them, taking huge care not to infringe upon the privacy of their users. The application my team and I (Team 2, consisting of myself, Ten, Michelle, and Yao Hui) eventually decided upon relied very heavily on the information we could get from the Facebook API about our friends, and we the effectiveness of our idea was definitely hampered by this.

Well, we might be facing this issue, but I guess we’ll definitely come up with some sort of work around / pitch our idea in another angle. We don’t have much time left as we used a lot of it to come up with new ideas, but I would say that the time coming up with those ideas was also important, if not for implementing this time round, but also to keep for use in the future.

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