What I hope to learn from CS3216

I am enrolling in CS3216, Software Product Engineering for Developing Markets, as a Developer.

The most important thing I can hope to learn from this module is how to work with different groups of people, from other developers, to marketing and UI design team members, on fast moving projects. Not only will I have to deal with people from different levels of experience, different personalities, and different backgrounds, but I will also have to do this with tight deadlines and maybe even conflicting interests. I also recognize that there is also a lot I may be able to learn from my peers individually, and also through working together as a group.

Another key aspect of what I hope to achieve is to individually be well-versed with current front facing technology, which is key to a developer. I would also like to familiarize myself with upcoming software trends, and this class is a good platform to understand this.

I also know that applications that we make are ultimately developed for other people, and I would like to understand key UI/UX design principles through experiencing such principals myself through developing real applications for users, and listening to feedback on UX designs from mentors.

Finally, with regards to my personal development, I understand that CS3216 is an extremely tiring and trying module, and I hope to be better able to manage my time and projects after going through this experience.

One thought on “What I hope to learn from CS3216

  1. Change is the only constant in this class, and every year, the technologies that the students use differ. I’m very sure you will get the chance to learn about current technologies. In fact, you get to decide what you want to learn and how you want to go about doing it. All the best!


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